What is ENAD?

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According to

published in November 2015, Seventh-Day-Adventists living in California are “some of the longest living and healthiest people in the world.” The reasons for this reality are simple though profound – a healthy lifestyle and faith in God. Even though lead by Seventh-Day-Adventists, every person interested in this work is welcome.

Words and Actions

We believe in the superior strength of a medical NETWORK that centers on core Christian values: Healing people holistically – body, mind and spirit. Not only by word but also by action do we want to server our society by means of practical ministries. Investing in young medical professionals and motivated supporters is our primary concern. 

Motivate, Train and Equip

ENAD encourages participation in health centers with short- and long-term medical assignments, in both domestic and foreign projects. We seek ways to establish small local treatment rooms and health-care facilities. Also in conferences people can meet, exchange and develop new opportunities and thus strengthen the Network. ENAD seeks to provide on the the online platform a database with a wide range of material to its members. Thus, ENAD is striving to scientifically strengthen the offically acknowledged Adventist lifestyle principles base on the Newstart-PLUS concept. 

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